2/9/2016 – Family 2016


Family is an important theme for the young people in Salt Lake’s secure care facilities. The boys at Wasatch Youth Center share stories about their families in this episode of Sending Messages. TJ hosts an episode with pieces created by Tiny, C-DUB, Ra, Cope, and Brittney Fallon. Thanks for listening!

Family 2016

10/31/15 – Halloween 2015



The boys at Decker Lake want to wish you a happy Halloween! Today on the podcast, Family First, Too Tall, Chinese, Kid Retro, and Lil’ Jockey bring you spooky songs and stories to celebrate Halloween 2015. Hosted by Crome. Thanks for listening!

Halloween 2015

10/30/15 – How Did I Get To This Point?


Two series of interviews with incarcerated youth. One focused on the school to prison pipeline and the effects of school push out. The other looking at the psychological and physical effects of shackling youth offenders for their court hearings. Thanks for listening.

How Did I Get To This Place?

9/24/15 – Masks


At times in our lives, we all wear masks. Sometimes to try and hide from reality. Sometimes to pretend to be something we are not. This week, we hear about those masks from V, Scooby, The Warrior, Verse, Trey and more. Hosted this week by Little Jockey. Thanks for listening.


8/20/15 – The Streets



This week on Sending Messages, we bring you four stories about the streets, a common ground for young people searching for glory and status, an arena that often fosters struggle and regret. Listen to original pieces from Verse, Trey, The Woman, and Rico. Hosted by mentor Gabriella Huggins. Thanks for listening!

The Streets




8/17/15 – Family



Today, we explore the idea of family, the bonds we are born into and create, the people to whom we are attached and often have no choice but to be attached to. Hear stories from Guero, Shaggy, Jude, Rico, Tunes, and Forgiven on this episode. Hosted by mentor Gabriella Huggins. Thanks for listening!


4/28/15 – Memories


They are the things that shape us. That frame our perspective of the world. Our memories. This episode, join Pallance as he takes you through several pieces, some funny, some sad. Poetry, interviews and narrative by Sotia, Shadow, The Architect, Eagle, Verse, Tunes and more. Thanks for listening!


2/14/15 – Valentines Day 2015



This episode, the guys want to talk about the love we give and the love that is given to us. It’s the Valentines Day episode! Join Lil’ Skimpy, Oxygen, Pallance, Tunes, Ghost and more. Hosted by Diefy. Thanks for listening!

Valentines Day 2015

2/2/2015 – How To Forgive

Forgive In our lives, often we need to ask for forgiveness, and we need to give it to others. Everyone has been on both sides of that act. This episode, we take a look at those stories. Pieces by Trial By Tears, Alias, Chance, Vanished, Snow, Sotia, Low Key, V, and Oxygen. Music by Risky & The Hatter as well as a song by Lil’ Skimpy. Hosted by Defy. Thanks for listening.

How To Forgive


12/20/2014 – Christmas 2014


Happy Holidays! This episode we bring you stories from Defy, Tortuga, Ghost, Cam, Blackford and more. New Years resolutions, poetry and Christmas memories. Thanks for listening! See you next year.

Christmas 2014